a neurotic, early worrying system

Spending much of our lives connected digitally, we are as affected by the ‘weather’ on the Internet as in the sky. Whithervanes tracks the orchestration of fear in real time through monitoring newsfeeds for alarmist keywords. The project aims to highlight the extent to which we are affected by data and media, which mostly goes unnoticed.

John & Cézanne

Whithervanes Open Hardware Kit (WOHK)


The Open Hardware Kit is a new prototype debuting as part of the “Are you talking to me?” exhibition. Want to try it out? Send us a tweet to @WHITHERVANES.


@WHITHERVANES to add to the ambient fear level.


@WHITHERVANES to reduce the ambient fear level.


Originally commissioned by the Creative Foundation for Folkestone Triennial 2014 it is now a permanent part of the Folkestone Artworks collection. A version for the US has been commissioned by Locust Projects in Miami. The prototype kit is debuting as part of the “Are you talking to me?” exhibition in Enghien-les-bains (Centre des arts) and Saint-Etienne (Cite du Design) and has received funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Detroit Creative Corridor Center’s UNESCO City of Design initiative.


rootoftwo is a hybrid design studio co-directed by John Marshall and Cézanne Charles.

rootoftwo make design projects, social objects, experiences, and works in the public realm. Their works specifically attempt to disrupt and undermine the systems at work through humor, play, interaction and participation. Their works create a condition where the here and now and the future can be perceived differently.

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